Friday, March 14, 2014


By Antoinette Rainone
       This blog is dedicated to helping people find their passion(s) in life and encouraging them to live their dreams.  As we surf the web, scan thousands of channels, and glance at the covers of consumer magazines, we encounter many stories of successful people who appear to be living their dreams.
        Many of us even try to emulate these smiling, beautiful, fashionable, wealthy, “successful” people.
        I’d like to clarify that finding your wings is not necessarily being successful – at least in terms of what a lot of people consider successful.
        “Successful doesn’t mean looking amazing because you dangerously dropped 100 pounds in two weeks. Successful doesn’t mean getting a promotion to a dream job or a high position ... if you had to throw your friends under the bus in order to get it. 
         Most people who are truly living their dreams are not people you see on the cover of magazines. They are not the stars of reality shows. They are not guests on popular talk shows.
        They are moms who have given up the “partner track” at the law firm in order to spend more time raising their children.
        They are the dads who shuffle their schedules so they can coach their children’s little league teams.
         They are the teenagers who take time away from social media in order to visit elderly people at a nearby nursing home.
         They are people who have found real meaning in life and who choose to live with integrity, love, and respect.

Finding your wings IS NOT
      …Being perfect.
      …Compromising your morals and ethics.
      …Getting what you want, at any cost.
      …Being super competitive and cutthroat to ‘make it to the top.’
      …Getting promoted by backstabbing your friends, then ditching them
      for a new inner circle.
      …Dazzling the paparazzi at charity fundraisers.
      …Grabbing everyone's attention to show how far you’ve come, baby.

Finding your wings IS
      …Finding your purpose in life and living it with passion.
      …Getting healthy – not skinny.
      …Finding inner joy.
      …Spreading seeds of love in your everyday life.
      …Cultivating real friendships.
      …Volunteering – behind the scenes – at a soup kitchen.
      …Making a meaningful difference in your family, community, 
      workplace and world.

     True success often does not translate into material wealth. Although it's possible to attain riches, material wealth is never the purpose of someone living her life’s passion. If that passion brings money, fine. If it doesn’t, fine. She’ll do it either way.
     True success is invisible. True success takes place within ourselves.
     When we find our purpose in life, we find joy. And that joy lives inside of us and expresses itself with a smiling soul.

      Be true to yourself … and to others.

      Find your wings…at any age.


  1. This is beautiful. I love it and love your blog. Found you through Guideposts and just quoted you on my blog :)

  2. Thank you! I just visited your blog -- I love it. I will be a regular reader. God bless!